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    Our Mission

    Educate the Future strives to provide free, high-quality, educational opportunities to low-income communities.

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About Us

Educate the Future was launched on February 13, 2016 as a community movement to provide all children with free, high-quality, educational opportunities during their time in K-12. Our primary service will be our unique combination of free tutoring and mentoring, but will also be followed up by free community workshops and seminars to offer skill building opportunities. We believe that education is one of the most meaningful and life changing experiences, and move to ensure that all children have an opportunity to succeed. We are eager to begin working within communities to (1) organize our community resources to provide free tutoring and mentoring to children, (2) connect the resources of local businesses and corporations to update and revamp the quality of education being offered, and (3) generate curriculum and policy recommendations to create long-lasting change at a local, state, and federal level. We urge you to join us in this movement for high-quality, educational opportunities.

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Why Does it Matter?

Of States Reduced Funding for Public Education (2008-2014)

Of States Provide Less
Funding per Student
Compared to 2008

Funding for K-12 Spending Comes
from State Funds

Decrease of Capital Spending for K-12

Why Us

100% Free

Specialized service

Community Oriented

Passion for Success

Meet the Team

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