Why US - 100% Free

100% Free: No Fees or Cost to Families

Educate the Future is dedicated to ensuring free, high-quality service to our families, meaning that families do not pay any form of memberships or additional fees to receive our services. In order to do so, Educate the Future depends on the generosity of individual donations and public grants to cover operational costs and resources, the support of communities to provide public spacing to conduct tutoring sessions, and the passion of volunteers to carry out our mission as staff on all levels.

Financial Structure

Educate the Future operates thanks to the support of community members and passionate dreamers across the country. We will primarily seek the support of local businesses by encouraging a sponsorship of local schools. In this sponsorship, local businesses will pledge a quantity of their choosing to be paid over a year’s time. This money will be used to cover all associated costs involving our tutoring sessions (e.g. a tutor’s wage).

Educate the Future operates under a three budget system composed of a Functional, Intermediate, and Ideal Budget Model. Our Functional Budget will reflect the bare minimum of funds needed in order for us to conduct our services and events through an academic year (including winter and summer). The Intermediate Budget will display a funding level in which the organization will be able to cover all operational costs and have a financial cushion for additional costs that may occur during the course of an academic year (e.g. a family may be in need of school supplies). Lastly, the Ideal Budget will serve as a goal of funding to reach in which all operational costs are covered, there are funds for sudden financial instances, and there are remaining funds to be carried over into a reserve for the following academic year. Typically, the Intermediate Budget will be estimated to be 150% of the Functional Budget and the Ideal Budget would be 200% of the Functional Budget; for example, if the Functional Budget were to be set at $10,000, the Intermediate Budget would be $15,000 and the Ideal Budget would be $20,000.