Why Us - Specialized Service

Specialized Service

The main service of Educate the Future is our high-quality tutoring service provided to our families. What makes our tutors the best of the best is the monthly training which they receive in order to continually improve and provide a greater service to our children. Our trainings will take form through continual review and recommendations by professionals and experts in the field of education, ensuring that the best information and practices are being delivered to our tutors, and the service to our students is topnotch. We also take into account the curriculums for each of our students, taken directly from the schools which they attend through our partnership. Tutors are provided with the curriculums and are then able to adjust their own sessions to more accurately assess and accommodate a child’s current area of struggle. By also opening lines of communication to our children’s schools, Educate the Future is able to communicate effectively with teachers and administrators to customize our services, while also making recommendations for future changes to curriculum. Most importantly, we will be taking the feedback of our children, families, tutors, and schools into account when working on effective session planning. There are many ways in which children can learn, and not all methods are perfect for every child (e.g. visual learners). Thus, we will do all that we can to also provide any materials deemed necessary for an effective tutoring session, based on a child’s preferred learning style.