Why Us - Passion for Success

Passion for Success

Educate the Future is unique in that it has a strong passion for success. How are we so confident in saying this? Well, this is because all of our members are volunteers which donate their time, expertise, and love of education in order to ensure the future success of our children. Staff are all chosen based on their experience and abilities; however, a special emphasis is placed on whether or not they share this passion for success. It is great to have a large sum of experience and ability, but we believe that having the heart for reaching out to our children and going the extra mile for them to succeed is the trait we need in order to create a better and brighter future. On an organizational level, we also seek to foster a new generation of leaders. Educate the Future ensures that every action is taken in order to train and promote our volunteers to make them more competitive in the academic and work environment. We seek to ensure that when our members and children leave the organization they are capable of pursuing their ambitions and of empowering those in their communities.