Welcome to Educate the Future

Nuno Pereira

01 July 2017

It's time to put our children first as the future of our world.

My name is Nuno, Founder and President of the movement, and I want to say thank you for visiting our page and even coming this far to read our blog. We believe that children throughout this country deserve the best, high-quality educational opportunities out there, so we volunteer our time and knowledge in order to accomplish this. Personally, I follow the belief that “a child’s dream is the future,” which simply means the future is with our children. The more we invest into making sure our children are as educated, healthy, and happy as possible will mean a better and brighter future. I began this movement on this principle as I reflected upon my own childhood growing up impoverished with undocumented parents.

A child’s dream is the future.

Thankfully, I have seen that many supporters and members of our movement resonate with the feelings of isolation and the struggle to keep afloat regardless of the quality of life they had. Awhile back I heard an amazing quote made at the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s Scholars Weekend by the Executive Director of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, Harold Levy, in which he boldly stated, “demography is not destiny,” which I feel is an amazing summary of why we fight so hard to help all children of every background: where and how you were born should have no influence on whether or not you can pursue your dreams. So, on the behalf of the entire organization, I welcome you. I welcome you to fight for all of our children here in this country and beyond to create a new future, one in which children are free to live and grow happily without a doubt of what they can accomplish. If you are hesitant to join us in our movement, we only ask that you please share our message of a better future. We will have multiple public calls throughout the years to come, so feel free to pop in and listen, and to bring friends and family to hear about this necessary work. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to changing the world and letting everyone know that “a child’s dream is the future.”

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