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Nuno Pereira

16 July 2017

Event Details

We are now accepting work relating to education. You do not have to have a background in education; however, your piece of work must be about the field of education. Creativity is completely up to you! You can speak about the faults of education and the need for change, or you can show a view of optimism and instances of success during our current system. Send your work to the email below, we will review it, and then let you know if it will be featured on our site (along with overall feedback)! Please share this news with anyone interested in seeing their work promoted! Good luck and get creative!!

Visit our “Welcome Blog” and “About Us” to get an idea of who we are:

Submission Details

  • Submissions can be in any art form, style, or layout.
    • Personal Short Stories, Researched Papers, Poems, Raps, Songs, Melodies, Drawings, Sculptures, Paintings, Electronic, Traditional, Video, Audio, Static Image, GIF, etc. If you can make it, we’ll review it.
  • Send it to:
  • Subject: Include “Art Submission” and the title of your piece.
  • Body: Brief description about your piece. This will be used as part of the description posted with your work if you are selected to be featured.

Featured Details

  • Selected work will be featured on all of our media that exists at the time of submission, as long as they are compatible (ex. static images will be compiled and put into a video before being put on YouTube).
  • We will be featuring a maximum of three (3) works per day. If you're selected but not featured on one day, your work will be moved to the following day.

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